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Comic Book Print Layout

I’m now the proud momma of a full-fledged comic book! I couldn’t be more ecstatic! The Kickstarter campaign didn’t get funded, even with a #make100 option available. But, that doesn’t matter, I got an opportunity to get a super small print run funded and jumped on it.

My initial thoughts on getting the pages updated for printing were optimistic. A few tweaks in the placement of the word bubbles would help it flow from the screen to paper, but I was in for a rude awakening. I tried to drag and drop the file into the handy template I created in Photoshop with Advanced Print & Finishing’s specifications. It was off, but cutting and resizing it to fit wasn’t an issue. Once that was finished, I checked my notes from a few of the comic followers on webtoons to make sure I kept them in mind while working. Continue reading

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Getting the Stats to Fill the Need

Why this Romance Graphic Novel thing?

You should know by now that I believe romance is a big deal. I base this on the fact that it shows up in just about every medium of entertainment there is. But, that might just be because I crave it in all forms of entertainment. So, to prove my point I had to gather some stats to justify my crazy endeavor to head a publishing house that specialized in romance graphic novels. Continue reading

Hello world!

Welcome to Final Beat Comics!

Long time no see! So sorry about the long absence. The site is currently under construction so please bear with me for a bit. It was hacked some time ago and phishing was super bad. Every option I took to get it back up wound up not being successful. So, I’m working on getting it back to the basic setup. Let me know what you would like to see posted