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Cosplay – Belly Dancing Bowser

I recently did my very first Cosplay Fashion Show catwalk at The Curvy Fashionista Style Expo! After the illustrious writer, cosplayer, and womanist TaLynn Kel invited me, I got a chance to see who else was on the roster. There are so many talented folks, I had to up my level to be in the same room.

The Original

Not saying that it is a bad costume or anything. Heck, I even got a commission of it from Marcus Williams.

I just wanted to make more stuff for it. Some things are going to stay the same since they are so durable. So, here is my collection of tutorials I used and more that helped with the upgrade.

Now for the Upgrades

For the Hair

Some time ago, I started getting my hair cut into a frohawk and that proved to create an issue with the flower and horn clips. Since I don’t have much hair at the sides of my head, there isn’t much to catch but they still worked.

For the Face

As an unspoken rule, I don’t do makeup as a regular routine. The time needed to make it not look like facepaint takes away from my sleep schedule and that is a no-no. But, for cosplay, I’m willing to put in some effort.

  • MaryKay Makeup (I’m a consultant, I know, shocker!)
  • Blue contacts (Because they have my prescription)
  • Someone to do my makeup, because mistakes were made

For the Pants

These were made years ago and are a bit smaller now. So, I had to add a pair of cutoff shorts. Didn’t need to have any accidents.

  • DIY Wrap Pants Tutorial
  • Yellow Chiffon from Joann
  • Red & Black Bias Tape for edges
  • Best fitting pants for the basic pattern
DIY Wrap Pants Tutorial

For the Jewelry

Polymer clay is one of my favorite mediums. It is so relaxing and easy to work with. The focus required to handle such small pieces clears my head of lots of clutter in the process.

Piranha Plant Earrings Tutorial

For the Belt

This was just a trial and error process with lots of found fabrics and pieces. I might have to make a tutorial for the next one.

  • Yaya Han Gunmetal and Black Fabric
  • Scrap fabrics from the thrift store
  • Purse hoops
  • Old belly dance belt

For the Backpack

I like the idea of making a choker to hold the Bowser shell. Since I needed to have something to hold my cosplay emergency kit, I opted to make it an attachment to the TMNT backpack I already had. It did create some issues with measurements and supply amounts, but I think it still worked out.

Bowser Shell Tutorial

The Result!

All done!
The shell is attached to the backpack with velcro and hope.

It did take a lot of work, but it was all in fun. What do you think?
Find out more about the event!

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