Welcome to Final Beat Comics!

Final Beat Comics is a little startup with one goal in mind, “Putting the romance into comics.”  Using the tried and true Elements of Romance as a backbone for every comic and graphic novel that leave these doors. This blog is set up to post my extensive notes on writing romance and the connections I made in putting believable romance into comics and graphic novels.

I can’t say that I’m creating an immovable framework to build the absolute best way to create a Romance Graphic Novel. This blog is to share what I have learned and to experiment with how the new skills I have can be used in romancing graphic novels and comics.

While posting all of the notes and bouts of understanding, this blog will serve as an experiment in building a romance graphic novel that holds each Element of Romance effectively.

About Ashleigh Davenport

Hello there, I’m Ashleigh, author of the currently running webcomic, VuDu Legends. I have been participating in self-study for writing for over 10 years and like to think I have a bit of experience.

I love romance and graphic novels and after some specific study in a few romance writing classes, I decided to combine these two loves.  It has been a slow moving project due to this outlandish thing called life, but it’s coming along and I hope you will enjoy the ride.

Ashleigh Davenport Writer Resume