Popped up at MegaCon!


It has certainly been a while. I’ve been lurking around and posting under AshWritesLots for a while now and have all but neglected Final Beat Comics. Never abandoned though, just put on the back burner for a long simmering.

Well, I’m back and MegaCon 2022 down in Orlando, FL is where I decided to pop up. It has been a blast! It is the biggest convention I’ve ever been a vendor at. Which could have only happened with my friends at Onyx Comics! We are sharing a table at AA135 if you want to stop by.

Just in case you want to know what the AshWritesLots thing is all about, I’ll give you the spill here. AshWritesLots is my social name under Final Beat Comics. It was initially a way to differentiate my short stories from my comics. I think it doesn’t fit well with my variety of interests but it will be the go to for now.

So, that means YouTube, Ko-fi, Twitter and Instagram are all under AshWritesLots.

There you go, pretty straight forward. I’ll give a much bigger update next week, once I get home and sleep for at least two days.

Love to love!


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