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Summoned Mate – Outline

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Since I’m such a stickler for order (at least at the beginning of my projects) I like to figure out how many pages I need to portray each part of the story.

Act Breakdown for 40 pages:

  • 25% for Act 1 = 10 pages
  • 65% for Act 2 = 26 pages
  • 10% for Act 3 = 04 pages

After a few rounds of drafting, I was able to come up with an outline.

Spoilers Below!

If you want to be surprised about the story happenings, please stop reading. I wanted to be open about the writing process and posted the full outline. As for the final draft, I may wait for the completion of the comic before posting.

Act I (10 pages)

  1. Meet Gabby and Selena entering a Halloween party – Invited by Selena’s crush.
  2. Talk of Gabby’s use of a suppressant while Selena has been training to control her life-like cat ears and tail.
  3. Meet Tate (Selena’s crush) – Gabby voices her apprehension of his company’s chosen party location.
  4. Party in full swing. Everyone is offered a signature drink. Gabby doesn’t care for it because of the mixed taste from the suppressant.
  5. Gabby holds a drunken Selena up, this was happening too fast. People are dropping around them.
  6. Gabby tries to call for help – no signal. Tate takes pleasure in knocking Gabby out.

Act II (26 pages)

  1. Darkness – breathing and screams.
  2. Gabby wakes up to chanting and gurgled screams. People (chained by a magic circle) are being drained.
  3. Selena and Gabby are dragged into the circle.
  4. Gabby waits for an opportunity and fights them off while trying to wake Selena.
  5. It looks like Gabby has the upper hand, then she is shot.
  6. Her blood reacts with the vampire circle and the area is covered in darkness.
  7. Derulo forms out of the molten ground as her blood mixes with the giza. Offers to help her if she bonds with him, denied.
  8. Derulo gets caught by chains and the cult members begin to feed on him. His blood is really powerful and they are getting drunk on it.
  9. Gabby agrees to their bond and Deurlo breaks free of the chains.
  10. Traps the cult members in a dome of wind. Tells them the one to decide their fate is the witch he is bound to.
  11. Gabby is pulled into a standing position by a bed of wind.
  12. They plead with Gabby, Samual included – just doing their jobs – forced to do the rituals – forgive us.
  13. Gabby relays her hate for automatic black forgiveness and sentences them to death.
  14. Lightning strikes some and it jumps to the others, killing them all.

Act III (4 pages)

  1. The wind dome falls and Derulo holds Gabby in his arms. They sink into the ground.
  2. Cult members are running towards their area.
  3. Gabby moans about Selena and the others.
  4. Derulo tells her to heal first as the giza covers her body.

Now that the outline is down, time to tackle the character designs. See you soon!

Do you start with an outline, or do you go straight into scripting?

2 thoughts on “Summoned Mate – Outline

    1. Hey there!
      I’m currently working on all the character designs. It’s a slow process due to the strange times we’re in, but it’s getting there. All updates will be added to this blog and I may even do some videos.
      I hope you stay tuned!

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