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Summoned Mate – The Setup

Hello All!

Just wanted to let you in on a little personal project I’ve been working on. In an effort to stop second-guessing myself, back in June, I decided to make a comic with my own art. All the poking and prodding from my daughter, husband, extended family, and friends helped with that. The goal is to finish a comic by July 31st. A task that I quickly found daunting.

I’m still pushing through till the end and will post up all of the work as I go.

The basic information for Issue One can be found below. In order to create a full story, I did outline the whole thing. But, for this project, I figure it would be best to break it into parts.

Summoned Mate Checklist

  • Full Story Outline
  • Character Designs
  • Setting Designs
  • Thumbnails
  • Comic Pencils
  • Comic Inks
  • Lettering
  • Printing
  • Convention Debut!

Story Goals:

  • Define the society – what world do my characters live in?
  • Introduce Gabby Tessier and Derulo.
    • Goals that conflict with each other
    • Needs hinted (to be filled in with backstory)
  • Meeting full of angst/conflict
  • No Way #1 – not feeling each other
  • Adhesion – forced together


  • Gabby Tessier – Witch
  • Derulo – Impundulu (Vampiric bird)
  • Selena Tessier – Witch
  • Tate Hodges
  • Cloaked Faith of the Fortune cult members


  • Outside Halloween party – plantation
  • Tupelo trees
  • Bald Cypress tree w/moss
  • Giza – darkness

Lots of planning down. Just have to put it in action. Stay tuned for updated links to each step!

How do you prepare for your comic projects?

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