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Writing for Comics Momocon 2019!

Momocon had a robust lineup of panels this year and I wanted Writing for Comics to stand out from the crowd.

Often we write a comic script and find that it may be a little hard to understand by our artists. So, we dive deep into the realm of script writing and come up with a school of options and no direction as to which on to use.

We discussed how to develop a comic script that works with your artist by defining your expectations and communicating your story in a way that will ensure your vision is realized on the page. The panel included a small project of one to three (1-3) comic pages with Ernest McClendon (Onyx Comics) and Jonathan Hightower (Swords of Sorrow) to show how a comic script can be interpreted differently by artists.

Script Files:

Character and Setting Info

Jonny Icetower

Jonathan Hightower is an artist and illustrator who specializes in action and fantasy. More of his skills include storyboarding, animation, martial arts, and music.

Ernest McClendon

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Ernest McClendon is a comic book artist who specializes in depicting plus size women on the page. His company, Onyx Comics, is an independent comic company focused on celebrating artistic individuality by presenting diversity in body, race, kinks, and defining the greatness in darkness. Known for his Bertha Butt short comic series.

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Ashleigh Davenport is a comic book writer who specializes in paranormal romance. The owner of Final Beat Comics, a comic publisher dedicated to putting romance into comics. VuDu Legends is the first title available. Bertha Butt and Monster Marks are currently underway. She is also working on two children’s books, Greg and Rocky the Raptor and co-author of Sharski the Friendly Zombie.

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I tried 🙂


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