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Black Girl Geek Out! Convention

This weekend will mark the first annual Black Girl Geek Out! convention at the Stonecrest Library. Hosted by TaLynn Kel and Kecia Stovall, this event is centered on black women. Event Information Details Too often when thinking of geeks, people don’t think of Black women. Yet Black women have been part of geek culture in… Continue reading Black Girl Geek Out! Convention

Writing for Comics

The Meeting in VuDu Legends

We’ve discussed the most overarching element in the society defined and now we can go into our heroine’s and hero’s meeting within that society. This is the moment our heroine and hero meet for the first time. Let me clarify, it doesn’t necessarily have to be their first meeting in life. It’s possible that they’re meeting after… Continue reading The Meeting in VuDu Legends