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The Meeting in VuDu Legends

We’ve discussed the most overarching element in the society defined and now we can go into our heroine’s and hero’s meeting within that society. This is the moment our heroine and hero meet for the first time. Let me clarify, it doesn’t necessarily have to be their first meeting in life. It’s possible that they’re meeting after a long hiatus such as high school or college graduation, an office fight, or even a long time after a torrid one-night stand (I can’t wait to do one of those).

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

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The Meeting: The characters meet and it’s more fun when there’s a problem.

In VuDu Legends, the meeting of our heroine and hero has two stages. A meeting of power and a physical meeting. Maurice is currently residing inside of Stephen, who is ready for the demon to find another domicile. When he first meets KC’s power, he gets a taste of her and practically salivates. Taking power is currently his number one priority and it has created blinders. He doesn’t see the woman in front of him, just the manifestation of her power. Maybe if he would have paid attention to KC’s face, he would have seen that she wasn’t one to take lightly.

KC knows that there’s a hungry someone inside of Stephen and lends some power to keep him compliant. She can see the change in Stephen’s eyes. A character difference between our heroine and hero. KC’s focus is to protect or defend her the people and city she cares about and the creature inside of Stephen is a threat.

The physical meeting has, even more, problems stacked on top. KC uses her power to push Maurice of out Stephen and things start getting interesting. Maurice is solid and free of the fleshy ball and chain, Stephen, and now he has two options.

  • Escape and induce terror upon the world, or
  • Stay and try his hand at stealing power from the one that freed him.

If he chooses the first option, the story would have a chase after their meeting and it wouldn’t have been much more development until they met up again. Plus, that would have given him the opportunity to leave the great city of New Orleans. We couldn’t have any of that, so Maurice is still pursuing his lust for power.

KC has a choice here too.

  • Kill the demon that could hurt people, or
  • Let him go and deal with possible issues as they arise.

Her choice does follow up on what Maurice decides to do, but it does seem as if she was willing to go with the second one. The practitioners of voodoo protect the living from the dead and the dead from the living. The stud of a specimen crouched on the Li Grand Zombi statue is certainly alive, nothing dead around at the moment. Maurice attacks and she defends herself, parrying his claws and landing kicks as a deterrent. KC isn’t one to take hits and he isn’t going to get to her as easily as he thought. 

Their meeting is rife with conflict and it made it all the more fun. Fighting to gain more power vs. staying alive will always create issues. The conflict isn’t over and as in any good romance, it will have to escalate and de-escalate within the ebb and flow of the story. We will go over more in the next post.

What meetings of two souls that were destined to be together stood out to you?

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