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Society Defined in VuDu Legends

VuDu Legends Volume 1 has a completed print run! It was a real task cleaning everything up, but super fun all the same. Now that I have an example to play with, I think it’s a good time to break down the elements of romance covered in this premier comic. So, let’s get into the first one, shall we?

Warning: Spoilers Ahead

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As a recap, check out my post about the essential elements of romance.

Society Defined: Show the world your characters live in and the problems within that world.

At the start of comic, we needed to make sure the reader knew what kind of world our heroine and hero lived in. The settings are important and portrayed in detail by the artwork. We also needed to show the people and the problems they have to deal with in the settings. These flaws will help push the story along.

In the first pages of VuDu Legends, we are introduced to Stephen Thompson, a man with a big problem inside of him. He has a demon plaguing him and is in desperate need to get rid of it. The setting is the present day in a Native American area of North Dakota and he is looking to get help from their chief.

Author’s Note: I was a little naive when describing this setting to Michael. Tipis are not what Native Americans consistently live in as they were used mainly for travel. Plus, they don’t run around in loincloths and ragged buffalo hide shirts. This story was made back in 2008 and the art began in 2012…mistakes were made. I promise to do better with their appearance later in the comic.

To get some help, Stephen needs to help the village by getting rid of an Iron Finger. This establishes that to get help, one needs to give help or favor for a favor. There are monsters and demons in this world and they can affect the humans that live in it. They can even be contracted by humans making their lives better and worse at the same time. Stephen’s demon, Maurice, our hero, (not named in the comic yet, but trying to keep everything clear), is revealed and disposes of the Iron Finger after it is poisoned.

Maurice’s flaw is shown here as well. In a flashback, we see him take the life of Monica, Stephen’s young wife, and forces him to do his bidding. He is out for power and will hurt people to get it.

Down in New Orleans, we see Kenna Cyan (KC, our heroine) and her often rude friend, Damian LaVeau speaking to the great spirit of Marie LaVeau.

Spirits can interact with the living and as evidenced by the pun-tastic grave, there are spirits in some objects. While Marie uses demands, KC asks for help, this shows the difference between how the two go about getting assistance. As voodoo practitioners, KC and Damian are there to act as a balance between the living and the dead.

KC is also shown to be very dutiful and loyal. By doing her best to keep Damian out of trouble and take care of the teens who were unwittingly pulled into an elaborate scheme, she shows her wit and patience. Bringing in the real culprit behind the desecration of Marie LaVeau’s grave and knocking Damian out displays her ability to treat people fairly even if you are her family in need of an ass-whoopin’. So far, KC’s flaw isn’t evident, but we will get to that soon.

The main points in the Society:

  • Demons, monsters, and spirits are real and can interact with humans.
  • There are rules involved when they deal with the human world and there are law keepers in place.

This element can evolve as the story moves through its paces and can be just as alive as the characters. It is always a good idea to update the Society section in your notes to keep your story in check.

Are there anymore attributes in the society that pop out to you? Let’s talk about them in the comments 🙂

Check back soon for more Essential Elements of Romance in VuDu Legends.

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